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The trainers OTS provides will help your employees, leaders, and teams acquire better tools and techniques for their current positions and develop new skill sets for the future.  They facilitate interactive, fun, engaging sessions and...

  • Possess deep expertise in the content

  • Exhibit excellent communication skills and presence

  • Have rhythm, flow, and energy

  • Create organic learning and aha moments

  • Demonstrate the ability to think on their feet and adapt

  • Love what they do, and it comes through


Leadership Development | Technical + Functional | Meeting Facilitation 

Professional Development | Sales Training

The coaches OTS puts forth will help your employees, leaders, and executives at all levels reach new achievement. Whether you are looking for in-person or virtual coaching, OTS has what you need. The top-notch coaches help with establishing professional goals, making career decisions, creating and executing plans, and overcoming obstacles which accelerate organizational success. They...


  • Are seasoned and successful veterans who know how to get results

  • Model the setting and pursuing of goals

  • Are excellent listeners and strategists

  • Tailor their approach based on each individual and situation

  • Continue to learn and advance their personal and professional growth

  • Use proven leadership and coaching philosophies, methodologies,

      and strategies



Executive Coaching | Leadership Development | Presentation Skills | Productivity 

Accent Reduction | Career Transition | Executive Presence | Sales | ADHD 


Keynotes | Breakout Sessions | Emcees | TED Talks | Panelists | Panel Moderators 

Industry Experts | Authors | Motivationalists | Futurists | Humorists

Do you need to line up a dynamic, engaging speaker for your next corporate business gathering, industry event, or association meeting?  The speakers OTS showcases will provide relevant content that will engage and educate your audience members and provide them with an experience unique to your function and desired business goals. They...

  • Are credible, polished, and successful experts that get results

  • Ensure attention to the message

  • Are fresh and engaging 

  • Inspire and unify audiences

  • Use the value of entertainment to keep learning fun

  • Are relatable and share real, powerful stories and anecdotes


The consultants OTS presents are top professionals each with skills and areas of expertise that could be invaluable to your organization. They lead change initiatives, manage business processes, drive culture and spearhead continuous improvement programs.  They...

  • Are subject matter experts

  • Are credible and successful to back it up

  • Stay on top of the developments in their fields of expertise

  • Accomplish the best results in the shortest possible time 

  • Adapt to new projects, people, and work cultures easily

Change Management | Human Resource | Culture | Sales Management  

Instructional Design | Lean/Six Sigma | Organizational Design 

Succession Planning | Project Management | Performance Improvement 


Shari works with dynamic, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals - each with topics, skills, methodologies, and specific areas of expertise.

No matter what business, discipline, or sector you’re in, Shari's professional network can be invaluable to your organization and its overall business performance.

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