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Based on your specific assignment, Shari uncovers the necessary information to ensure she selects the right pool of candidates for you to consider. She knows you're busy, so she works fast and flexibly, yet you can always expect the highest level of quality and service.

Evaluates Candidates

Shari will search her network of professionals and create a pool of candidates who meet the criteria and budget for your assignment. She contacts them to verify their availability, interest level, abilities, suitability, and unique strengths for your project. She spends the time making sure that they are good fit for the assignment.

Proposes Candidates

You can expect each candidate's information in an organized proposal to make your selection process as easy as possible. Depending on your assignment your proposals may include: bio, description of the service or solution, relevant facts, pricing, etc.  Now you can turn your attention to interactions with the candidates, either virtually or in person, to provide sufficient opportunity to make a solid decision on which candidate is most ideal.

Manages Assignment

Shari represents your interests throughout the process: negotiating within your budget, seeking savings and volume pricing, managing contracts and invoicing as needed, and helping with all the logistics and coordination. Shari's personalized  service, from start to finish, keeps her clients coming back again and again. 

Ensures Success

Shari checks in every step of the way to ensure your objectives are being accomplished. Success is measured against your satisfaction and the performance criteria. Shari's goal is to build a partnership and continually provide you with the talent you need to improve your business.

Clarifies Your Needs

Shari will ask strategic questions to quickly understand your needs, so she can find the best talent for your assignment. She’ll ask about your timeframe, budget, work culture, potential obstacles, and desired outcomes, goals, and skill sets. Then, Shari goes to work!

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